All of the jewelry and fridge magnet you see on this site can be created by anyone with very liitle expense and skill. This "How To Tutorial" will get you started, think of all the gifts you could create for birthdays, christmas and mothers day perhaps even start your own small home based business, the possibilities are endless.....So let's get going.......we are going to need

  1. Your choice of glass tile shapes, squares and rectangles are the easiest to work with

  2. Jewelry Bails

  3. Sharp Scissors, Razor Blade or Exacto knife

  4. Diamond Glaze

  5. Greaseproof paper

  6. Cord, Ball chain or Ribbon to hang your pendant

  7. Your favorites Scrap booking paper, photo, vintage paper, wallpaper remnant or graphic art

Lay your favorite art paper out on a smooth surface, I like to cover my work surface with grease proof paper as it prevents your work from sticking to your work area. Choose your glass shape and add a thin bead of glaze to the back of the glass tile, press the glass tile on top of the art paper and move in a small circular motion to spread the glaze evenly, press firmly to remove any air bubbles.


Allow to dry for a couple of hours, using your knife, razor blade or a scissors depending on what you feel safe using, cut around the glass tile

I like for the back of my pendant to be the same design as the front, so lay your craft paper with the design face down on your surface add a small amount of glaze to the back of the pendant and press firmly onto the are paper, allow to dry for hour or so, cut around the glass again

Take a jewelry bail and apply a small amount of glaze to the back of the bail and press firmly to the glass tile, making sure it is striaght when you hold the pendant up. Allow to dry for and hour or so until firmly in place. If making fridge magnets glue the magnet to the wrong side of the glass tile and allow to dry.

Taking the glaze run a thin bead around the edges and then work your way to the center, completely covering the tile until the glaze puddles. Allow to dry for 24 hours so you get a hard finish, don't cheat on this step. I like to clean the edges where the glaze may have dripped with a razor blade or Exacto knife

OKAY....So maybe it didn't turn out exactly as you hoped for on your first try, the great thing is you can start over, just soak you pendant in hot soapy water, dish detergent works great until the paper and glaze slide off. Takes about 30 minutes and you can start over

After completing a few of these you'll find you own technique, still have questions

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